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Monday, July 11, 2011

It is pretty much understood that in today’s market of completion, there is lot of competition for a single keyword. Thus, keyword phrase is recommended instead of single keyword.

For an example: If you are in a business of selling computer peripherals and accessories, you usually won’t choose a single keyword as computer or computers. This can be clear if you go to Google and type in computer or computers in the search box. You will come across the reason as why you shouldn’t. You will see there must be approximately 150 million results. Moreover, MNCs have already topped the rankings on the search. Nowadays, even customers are getting more internet savvy. They are now educated and getting more precise when they visit the internet for their search. They now know and believe that if they type in more specific string of words, they will get more specific results in terms of what they are looking for and that too on a faster pace.

Thus, instead of going ahead with a single keyword, it is recommended to think of something which is more specific. This process can derive better results by asking your own self as what is so special and different about your business. Perhaps, cheap assembled computers can be a keyword phrase which might be your specialty and in turn a benefit for customers. This can be your right keyword phrase you can choose. This will help you get listed when there is a search of “cheap assembled computers” and a high probability of standing in high rankings. To say the same in other words and meaning, maximum number of people on your site as visitors will be through “cheap assembled computers” keyword phrase.
Keyword Analysis!
This is the first and the foremost thing needed to be done when you are planning to go for a website. You need to perform this keyword analysis for the words which you think your customers will look for your kind of business and services and you think of planning it ranked higher on the search engines. This is of course a part of research which also involves a sound knowledge of your own business and services which you offer as a benefit to your customers.

You actually need to analyze and list down all your keywords which you think that will help you drive in more customers and revenue when they hit the top page. To make your keywords analysis quite easy, below are couple of websites which are specially designed keeping in mind the kind of requirements a website owner may need:

1) Overture’s Inventory Tool:

Inventory. Overture (dot) com/d/search inventory/suggestion
This tool is quite easy to use and understand. Not to mention, it is absolutely free. However, this tool only allows you to know that in last month how many searches were performed on your particular keyword and the keywords along the same lines.

2) Word Tracker:

Word tracker (dot)com
This tool has a huge potential and is indeed very powerful. However, there is a cost of approx. $10 for the use of single day. This tool will also let you know what people have been searching for on the internet when it comes to your kind of business and services. To portray the same in better words and meaning, here it goes …You think of a word which summarizes what you do and type it. Thereafter, it will let you know that how many times that this particular keyword has been searched for in the past month. Not only this, it also shares information like which other websites are using the same word and targeting the same kind of customers as you are. On the basis of this information, the word is then rated. The words which are most searchable for lot many times by the people and are only targeted by few websites are then termed as “BEST” keywords. Moreover, word tracker also rates and suggests words which are alternative and related which can refine your keyword analysis process better.

A suggestion and a tip:
While using word tracker, you must have been observing that it just displays and lets you know the numbers and that is not the whole story. Hence, it is not quite advisable to just flow with it and get started with the best rated keywords. You need to also consider and count your situation where it may be that sometimes you might get carried away by choosing a keyword which is not rated highly in particular. This kind of situation derives two kinds of conclusions:

1) Let’s take a keyword phrase for which there are few customers who searches for and you might find it easy to rank it high on the search engines. Here, in this kind of situation, there may not be huge volume of traffic though you find it quite easy to bring it on top of the search engines.

2) Another situation is you have a particular keyword phrase which is highly demanded while searching and that’s the only one you think can drive in more traffic, you have to work on getting more back links to your sites. You might have to initially work hard to hit the top of search engines but once you are there the results are absolutely up to your expectations.

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